About us

When a patient and his master come to us, their health and well-being become our priority.

Our company

Welcome everybody,

We are the small team of "Bureau Vétérinaire des collines" founded by Dr. Delisle in June 2017. Modest but efficient, our small location allows us to serve our patients in a quiet and friendly atmosphere where the vet is very accessible.

A veterinary office, unlike a clinic, is a smaller, more personal and often less expensive place. The majority of minor medical interventions can be performed (vaccination, deworming, prevention of heartworm and Lyme disease, microchip, wound disinfection, treatment of infectious diseases, management of aging osteoarthritis, blood test, etc. .) respecting the welfare of the animal and the budget of the owner. However, this is not a place where surgeries are allowed.

Hoping to see you soon with your pet!